Toddler Has Been Sleeping With Her Kitten Since She Was a Baby

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This little girl met her kitten when she was just a wee baby. Her parents let them sleep together and they have been inseparable since.


Says her parents: “This girl LOVES cats and they love her. She is one of those special people that make creatures comfortable no matter the situation.”


“The last cat didn’t let me close, but purred when she petted it. I am a bit jealous, but she is what she is – cat whisperer,” her father added.


Her parents started taking pictures of the two of them taking naps together, with the kitten always curled up next to her. And their bond and friendship have grown throughout the years.


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When they first met…


Perfect time for a nap


Both a little older here


And then there were 3


Quiet time


The cat whisperer